About the Book

We all love stories, particularly those that are capable to leave lessons for us to reflect on and apply in our lives. Here comes Dr. Singh and his masterful wit to engage readers with his inspiring stories for students as well as people who want to improve their work.

Portrayed in fables and fun illustrations, Dr. Singh’s monkeys and other interesting characters replicate human tendencies and qualities that make them relatable and funny to read solo or by group.

Monkey Wisdom and Other Stories are quick-read stories with moral lessons at the end of each one. A perfect read for people who are looking for brief breaks from life’s complexities and lets them take a refresher of the right mind-set for the right goal.

About the Author

Sukhmander Singh

Dr. Sukmander Singh has been teaching at Santa Clara University in California for over 32 years as a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering of which 15 years as the department’s chairman. He previously worked as a project engineer and managed Alyeska Pipeline Company, wherein his primary responsibility was to handle seismic slope stability and soil liquefaction studies for the 800-mile Trans Alaska pipeline. He also led the investigation team of the San Pablo Clearwell Dam failure. His excellent performance earned him a national recognition.



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